The Quintessential Bride July 31 2015

Violet Bell's introduces pieces inspired by women's fashion during the Edwardian period, an era when the gowns embodied a sense of confidence, poise, feminine sophistication. The quintessential Edwardian lady wore a languid gown, accentuating the natural waistline, and flowing down the body. The hourglass bodice embodied the grandeur of the emancipated woman of the time.

The Violet Bells two-piece collection will emulate both the drama and opulence of the period, but with a refreshing and minimalististic approach. A two-piece dress allows for proper fit and freedom for the bride, to adjust as her evening unfolds. The bodice and gown of duchess silk satin forms the silhouette tailored to the midsection. Then Chantilly lace is thoughtfully placed with respect to the woman's figure- contouring the neckline, shoulders, waistline. The design would not be complete without the signature Violet Bell's adornment of hand-beaded freshwater pearls and crystals by Swarovski.