To Have and To Hold When It Gets Cold October 02 2015

As the days dim shorter and the air gets colder we begin to transition to the rustic and vintage ambiance of Autumn. Inspired here at Violet Bells, our minds are fashioning and our finger's busy creating vintage wedding accessories. With the first day of this romantic season behind us we would like to share a few ideas for the Fall bride. Few of which include the mise en scene of the aisle, ranging to the accessories in the bride's tresses, we hope our suggestions will help to harvest your dream wedding.


Snuggle and Cuddle Weather
We may as well work with the temperature if we can't work against it. Bind throws with twine for your guests should they get chilly during an outdoor wedding. You can make this even more chic by using a round apple crate or rustic bin. Some directional phrases can be written near, we like "Cold Hands, Warm Hearts", "Chilly Weather but We're in it Forever," "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm", or the post title "To Have and To Hold When It Gets Cold."


Just Bloom

The season also gives room for more unique confetti. After your final walk down the aisle have dried flowers for your guests to toss. Not only does this make for a beautiful picture, it really ties into the rustic and vintage theme previously mentioned. Wrap the confetti bundles in music paper or parchment, even mason jars if it seems fitting.

In addition to the above suggestions Violet Bells has a collection of accessories that will, without a doubt, compliment the autumn theme and warm your groom's heart.

Coming Soon! November 1st