Bridgeport Art Center Summer Fashion Show June 13 2017

Bridgeport Art Center's
Is almost here!
June, 16th, 7pm
Show starts at 7:30
Bridgeport Art Center will be serving snacks & refreshments. 
The show is free to attend. Click below to RSVP & learn more about the show!
Violet Bells
Will be showing a sneak peak of what's new to come!
We are delighted to bring to you our new collection of Mix & Match classic cut dresses & sheer overlays, including our new handcrafted Parisian accessories.
Each piece illustrates an attention to detail indicative of the Violet Bells touch, and leaves room for a bride to customize.
We are also, excited to introduce our newly re-invented  petticoats.
Come see what we've been up to!