Welcome Back

So, last Summer we participated in Bridgeport Art Center Fashion Show, and it was an experience to not be forgotten. Brings back tears of joy, going through the photo’s of this night. Over the year, a lot has happened. Including taking a step away/break from Violet Bells world. It has been a rough yet bittersweet moment in time.  My Husband & I were going through a hard time in life, that required some needed healing. Finding our way through life's big challenges took a lot of energy, that needed some learning on how to handle and re-energize to live a healthy and lively life again. It has been a little under a year, and I am ready to finally step back into the Violet Bells world again, and start creating our next collection. I also, have a couple other things I am bringing to light. And, I am super excited to share with you! 

First lets step back to the elegant night last Summer from our first Bridal Gown Collection Fashion Show. It was a night to remember. All the hard work, sleepless nights, was well worth it. Yes, I got all gushy eyed right when my first girl stepped out. The music of choice was a French song, and it is still in my apple music list. It's a classic. My first Collection was to encompass the past times in the West with Chantilly laces gathers and gatherings. Some sparkle was lastly added to bring some twinkle, to bring the twinkling of the night sky into play. It was a magical night, and I am looking forward to many more.


A lover of Vintage & Antiques. This treasure hunter... is always enticed for finding pieces that can be brought back to life. Ever since I was a little girl. I was mesmerized by the little things. I think back to my Grandparents house, and how big it was. My grandparents were collectors, of all sorts, and artists of many colors. A beautiful moment I remember, is sitting on the stairs that led to a charming attic. There were a box of marbles. During the Summer days the sun would shine onto the stairs at a certain time of the day. I loved how they would make the marbles glisten, and would shine onto the marbles in a magical way. I believe that is when I became hooked with the little things. A dreamer in me was born. The magical things is what keeps my spirit going, being charmed by the details. Which is why I am proud to bring you pieces that have been polished back to it’s youthful state of mind. This world of mystery, history, and love is a huge part of my life. I am delighted to bring to you a magical area of our shop called Thrifty. I hope you can find some magic in our collection, that will continue to thrive. 

The second new addition is bringing our Collection of Fabrics, that will be part of our new Collection. We will offer to sell per the yardage or piece, or we can use it towards a custom bridal gown/veil/headpiece/garter what have you. This will then be sold on-line for anyone looking for every shade of white & ivory to fulfill their hearts desires. 


xo Janessa Ann