Our Story

About Violet Bells

Founded in 2009, the Violet Bells Collection by Janessa Ann embraces a love for old world classic charm. Each piece is personally handcrafted with love and passion using only the highest quality materials.

Getting swept away by the flow of the fabric, the sparkle from the rhinestones, and the endearing shades of white & ivory, these lovely creations take on a whimsical and airy affect. Designer, Janessa Ann, finds inspiration in anything from the allure of past eras, old Hollywood movies, and iconic beauties (think Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, and Elizabeth Taylor), to birds soaring gracefully in the air.

About Janessa Ann, Owner & Designer

While studying fashion design in Chicago, Janessa Ann was a consultant for the Marshall Field’s bridal salon. During her years there, she was intrigued to see how adding a veil or headpiece could complete a bride's look. As she became more and more drawn to designing bridal couture, a dreamer bursting with vision and creative ideas was born. This was the beginning of Violet Bells.

Janessa Ann believes that “not every woman wants to be categorized into a single style.” And she designs with this in mind, focusing on a single piece at a time. Each creation is unique in its own way - ranging from vintage to modern, free spirited to classic. Janessa Ann designs with a sincere devotion, to create what you feel free in.

For Violet Bells, the delicate approach to design, special attention to detail, and fanciful sense of style, encourage a bride to fall in love with the simplicity of a piece, or embrace it as the starting point for a custom look that is her own. In the end, Janessa Ann delivers a style that leaves you feeling like yourself.